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True stories



True stories

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By Zaina Starr

Yes just saying no means no. It is considered rape if they continue. I’ve argued with several people about this. I was raped a couple months ago and was called a liar. I said no. I pulled my pants up several times after they were yanked down. He then used his strength to show he could over power me. I haven’t been the same since. The guy also beat me in the head with his hands and objects on a different day. I thought I was going to die that day. I have never in my life not been able to breath from fighting for my life. Afterward, I had blood all over my face and hands and body along eorhr bruises. He wanted to continue to beat me even after seeing all the blood. That is a very cruel man. No woman should ever have to experience what I did. And then be accused of cheating.

God bless the ones who do not see anything wrong with this situation. If this was your daughter or mother. Would your argument still be the same? I think not. It’s me. That’s why it’s ok in their eyes. I’m a nobody. And I’m supposed to be mistreated, obviously.


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By Zaina Starr

Our souls synced by accident,

Unity is what I craved with you,

Equal love, patience, honesty is what we needed,

Very much so our souls were synced into a unity,

Everlasting love, protection, honesty symbolize our one true love,

They Thought I Would forget how I loved you,

I did not forget how you broke my days of lonliness,

Or how you used to be so sweet,

Even after all the chaos,

You remained sun shining from what I allowed to see,

All in a deep dream,

Your obsession,

Your mission was me to keep,

I colored this goldfish for you,

I know that’s how you feel,

I love you,

Open your heart,

It’s an amazing feeling,

Love you,

Being a form of beauty for your life,

Holding on,

It’s your time and beauty,

Let go,

Take hold,

With all the perks to make all simplified to see,

You strive to be only who you can be,

Be the simplicity you look for in me,

Cherish me,

I am me,

All of you will see,


I will be,


I am thee,






I am falling for you,

I wonder my thoughts as I glare at you,

I see how you stare at me,

I want this like you,

I need this like you,

I pretend what I feel is not true,

I feel love for you,

I hope I can be your everything,

I try,

I’ll be all this for you,

I understand you a little more and keep falling for you,

I say I love you,

I imagine a betterbme,

A better you,

You can love me,

I am in love with you and you are in love with me,

Is that not true?

Let the End begin.